Poland is a central European country on the Baltic Sea.

Since becoming a democratic, market-orientated parliamentary republic in 1990, Poland has grown to become one of the most economically strong and stable countries of Central Europe – joining the EU in 2004. The country now has the sixth-largest economy in the EU and has a reputation as a highly educated, business-friendly country with sound macroeconomic policies.

The Polish countryside is varied and relatively unspoilt, including beaches on the Baltic coast, the northern lake district, central grasslands, the south-eastern highlands and southern Tatra mountains. Poland’s towns and cities are studded with medieval Brick Gothic buildings that are evidence of its Hanseatic history, including the 14th-century Wawel Castle above Kraków old town and Copernicus’s House in the northern city of Torun. The port of Gdansk is the world’s biggest amber jewellery producer, and The Old Town in the capital, Warsaw, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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