Projekt Hansa Officially Launches

And we're off! Our Chair, Rupert Matthews MEP, was joined by MEPs and business groups last night from across northern Europe to launch Projekt Hansa. Our guest speaker, Marin Agerup from Denmark's Center of Political Studies enthralled the crowd with his speech on the importance of polite collaboration in trade partners whilst also being healthily competitive. 

Mr Agerup said: “The value of trade cannot ever be understated, but all too often regulation acts as a hindrance to unlocking the real potentials of trade. It is great to have initiatives like Projekt Hansa to help businesses and people connect to benefit all our countries”.

Mr Matthews, launched Projekt Hansa, saying: "We are using an old idea to bring new life to northern Europe's trade and cultural connections which I hope will strengthen the economies of all our countries.

"As Britain leaves the European Union we will be seeking to build new trading alliances, expand our businesses and develop cultural links across the world. Fortunately, we have done this before, and the old Hanseatic League can act as a chart to guide us.”

Projekt Hansa's first event will be held on 15th February in Nottingham were local businesses will be encouraged to export and connect with trade experts. Further events and exciting things will take place over the course of 2018, so stay tuned!


Our Speaker - Martin Agerup


The ECR Co-Chairman, Syed Kamall MEP


Projekt Hansa Chairman, Rupert Matthews MEP

British Delegation Leader - Ashley Fox MEP, Projekt Hansa Chairman - Rupert Matthews MEP and ECR CoChairman - Syed Kamall