Iceland Exhibition Opened by Icelandic Ambassador

A co-hosted event in the European Parliament opened in last night with a speech from the Icelandic Ambassador. In her speech, Mrs. Bergdís Ellertsdóttir described the innovative approach that Iceland has embraced so as to both utilise and protect their natural resources. Explaining how this new way of thinking bringing a wave of prosperity to the country.

The exhibition explores the use of natural resources such as Geothermal Energy. Providing information on aspects including education, usage and application. We also turn to Icelandic marine management and how they are seeking to sustain this industry for generations to come. Before being treated to videos on the spectacle that is Iceland’s natural landscape, which contributes significantly to the increasing tourism industry in the country.

Projekt Hansa presents a Sustainable Iceland will be featured within the Parliament for 3 days and a digital snapshot will be published over the coming weeks.