Our Chairman meets with the Committee of Regions

Rupert Matthews MEP, the Chairman of Projekt Hansa met with the ECR Committee of Regions this week, in Brussels. In his speech he detailed the objectives of the policy group and the opportunities Projekt Hansa provides us with as we move into an era that brings a changing Europe coupled with the pressures of globalisation, developing economies and new technologies which all put us at risk of being less competitive and threatens our living standards.

Mr Matthews implored upon his audience to support him in rebuilding a network of cooperation that seeks to create the kind of prosperity we all want for the future. Focussing on the grassroots cooperation and effecting change that will create an environment where our regions are supporting business and creating prosperity for future generations. 

Overall, the reception was extremely positive. With requests for further information and involvement, even calls from members to represent the project in their regions.

In a statement Mr Matthews MEP said, “I am very encouraged on the reception today. The Committee of Regions has many shared values and beliefs with Projekt Hansa, so am pleased that they were very receptive to being involved. I look forward to working together in the future, for a bright future”