The 'Angels of Peace' exhibition on war memorials

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On Monday, 4 of February 2019, our chairman Rupert Matthews MEP launched an exhibition at the European Parliament entitled Angels of Peace which is dedicated to First and Second World Wars memorials.

The exhibition features pictures of East Midlands war memorials. It takes its viewers on exiting trip from Hadfield to Ypres and shows sculptures of angels on war memorials. The angels are a symbol of divine protection for the dead and of the peace that had returned after the First World War.

The same symbolism is found right across Europe. The exhibition includes as well pictures of angels on war memorials from Belgium, Romania, Germany and Denmark. According to Rupert Matthews, “the angel’s memorials show the shared cultural heritage of the European nations that were torn apart by war. The European countries have to unite in their mission - never to allow such horrors to happen again.”

The Angels of Peace Exhibition is co-hosted by European Conservative and Reformist MEPs, Hans-Olaf Henkel (Germany), Morten Messerschmidt (Denmark), Laurentiu Rebega (Romania), and Ulrike Trebesius (Germany). “We, members of the European Conservative and Reformists Group, have a shared interest in ensuring that peace continues to reign across our great continent”: added Mr. Matthews.

The exhibition will last until the 8th February in the European Parliament. Mr Matthews would like to invite everyone who wants to celebrate peace, friendship and European shared culture to visit the exhibition and to commemorate all those who put their lives for our future.