Copenhagen‘s Silicon Valley

Recently, the Danish Government has announced a project to dwarf all others - A Project to make Copenhagen ‘Europe’s Silicon Valley’.

The Project is called Holmene, and translates to ‘the Islets’. Dubbed "the European Silicon Valley” by the head of the Danish chamber of commerce, the proposal is to build nine artificial islets in Hvidovre (part of the greater Copenhagen area), and is designed to attract both business and housing amid a growing shortage of both.

(URBAN POWER for Hvidovre Municipality / Picture from Business Insider -


The Project - expected to start in 2022 and be completed in 2040 - will add some 10.5 miles of land (33 million square feet) and cost approx. €420 million. It will be the largest area of reclaimed land in Scandinavia and, according to the guardian, the completed Islets will provide enough office space for 380 companies and create 12,000 jobs, predominantly from fields like biotechnology and life science.

As part of Denmark’s focus on climate change and resilience, space is reserved for a waste-to-energy plant, the biggest in Northern Europe. This will not only serve to reduce carbon emissions but will provide a natural flood barrier to protect against rising sea levels.

It is an ambitious but well-funded project and could well see Denmark take the title as home of Europe’s tech giants. The jobs it will provide and outside investment it could bring to Northern Europe’s shore is a long way off yet, but is a step in the right direction for Northern Europe, particularly in terms of future planning, future tech developments and audacious climate change projects.

(URBAN POWER for Hvidovre Municipality / Picture from Business Insider -