The Fishing Industry Post-Brexit: Implications and Opportunities

Report by leading specialist Dr Ian Napier, shows that EU boats landed 10 times more fish and shellfish weight from the UK EEZ in 2016 than UK boats did from other areas of the EU EEZ. With Brexit on the horizon, bringing potential for large scale changes to this dynamic what are the opportunities and implications for the Fishing Industry?

Hosted by Peter van Dalen MEP and Rupert Matthews MEP, Projekt Hansa invites the stakeholders from the Fishing Trade Industry to take the floor. Giving the opportunity for the exporters in this area to advise the Parliament on what they think the future looks like and how they would like thier interests safeguarded.

We welcome opening speeches from Guus Pastoor (President of AIPCE-CEP) and Elaine Whyte (Executive Secretary of Clyde Fishermans Association) before opening to the floor for debate.

Spaces are limited for this event therefore a full briefing will be avaiable on the website, covering the speeches and the key reccomendations. Should you be interested in further information on this topic please contact